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Applying for

Dental School


Results Day


17th August 2017. The big day has finally arrived.​
Good Luck :)

Work Experience​ 

It’s a good idea to try and find out as much about dentistry before delving head first into a career. One of the best...


So you're thinking about applying for dentistry

​Entry Requirements


Grades, when it comes down to it they really are the most important part of your...

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Personal Statement


Your personal statement is your first introduction to the university, with that being said it’s important to...



So here it is the big one. First let me just say congratulations on getting this far you should be very proud...

Great, dentistry is a challenging yet rewarding profession that allows you to genuinely improve the quality of another person’s life.

My personal dental journey began after I did a work experience in my first year of GCSE's, I fell in love with the profession and it wasn’t long after that I started looking at entry requirements and other work experience I could get to secure my place at university. I remember, particularly when I was applying, that there wasn’t really any good sources of information everything was outdated or didn’t really sound authentic so I decided to breakdown entry into a few key points and have gathered as much information to help any future and aspiring dentists. Hope this helps :)



The UKCAT, UK Clinical Aptitude Test, now an integral part of every dental application. Since being introduced in....


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