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Applying for

Dental School

Before choosing your A-Levels make sure to look at the university table showing GCSE and A-Level requirements. Click here. The A-Level options I chose where Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Physics to which I dropped physics at AS-level.

It’s advisable, I believe, to have definitely chosen chemistry and biology at A-Level.  All universities on the table specify one or both of these subjects, however I personally would pick both just so I could maximise my options. I would also choose doing four subjects and the dropping one at AS-level for the same reason ( If following A-Level reform your school does not sit students for AS-level qualifications send a written confirmation of this to the university so that you’re not disadvantaged). As far as the third and fourth subject I would pick subjects that I enjoyed and that were still academic for example I enjoyed maths and chose physics after I read the college prospectus and found the topics interesting. However you are free to choose whichever other subjects you find most interesting whether it be history, economics, sociology…. the choice is yours. Currently there is no set third and fourth subject requirement so I personally would make most use of this and pick subjects I enjoyed and had the best chance of getting top grades in. 

Choosing your A-Levels

Grades, when it comes down to it they really are the most important part of your application. It takes a dedicated individual to get the required grades at A-Level to get into dentistry. Getting these grades in the designated subjects lets the universities know that you are a serious student that has a basic understanding of key topics, something that will help you through your time at university.  

I've put a few links below to tables I've made and other information to help guide you through the process of academic entry criteria as well as things that can strengthen your application

Entry Requirements