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Applying for

Dental School

With dentistry being such a competitive course to get onto it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Examples of things to do could include; doing an EPQ, if you play an instrument such as piano this is a great way to demonstrate good manual dexterity or if you play a sport, this can highlight everything from team working abilities to dealing with loss and leadership potential. 


In this section I’m going to be talking about things that you can do strengthen your application. What is not going to be discussed is work experience related topics; to find out about what university want clickhere. For general Information on how to get work experience click here and finally to find out what to expect when undertaking work experience click here.




Extended project qualification, a really good idea to do one of these, with it being worth half an A-level and you being able to choose the topic this is worth gold. Not only can you demonstrate to the university that you’re a strong applicant with an extra qualification but you can also have a project on a dental related issue which you could possible also talk about in your interview.

A few topics to talk about could be:

  • Dental anxiety- a very interesting topic to cover you could talk about both anxiety in children and adults, how anxiety is managed in a general dental setting. You could also go further to talk about inhalation sedation for extremely anxious patients. All in all this is a very big but very interesting topic to write about
  • Phasing out amalgam fillings- Something that is very current in the dental news is phasing out amalgam for composite. You could talk about the origins from mercury scares, the pros and cons of amalgam, the Minamata convention on mercury which was an international treaty signed by delegates from 140 countries on 10th October 2013.  
  • Water fluoridation- a very controversial topic, there is lots of information on this topic if you’re choosing this one I would advise to focus primarily on the large print as otherwise it can become very complex and you will find your word count quickly filling up. Topics to talk about would be what fluoride is, areas in Britain were water fluoridation has happened and the relationship between fluoride and caries (Tooth decay). 

Strengthen Your Application