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What are MMI’s and Panel based Interviews?

MMI’s- Stand for multiple mini interviews these are the most common form of interview technique used in dentistry. Consisting of several stages each lasting only a few minutes, usually consist of standard and scenario based questions.

Panel based- Usually don’t last as long as MMI’s, with most interviews being completed in 20-30 minutes, similar questions to MMI will be asked however the interview is more concentrated with a rolling question format (Because you are there for more than 5 minutes before moving on interviewers can ask more questions about topics you talk about, this can be a major positive if your well prepared on the topics your talking about)

My opinion- I personally have had both types of interview and can confidently say that I prefer MMI type interviews, for me personally I felt allot less pressure talking to a single individual about why I want to study dentistry than I did with a group of people that were all firing questions. Another thing I preferred about MMI’s compared to panels was that if you feel you’ve had a bad station you can usually rectify the situation in the next station however with panel based it’s much more difficult to do so.

However with that being said panel interviews are shorter and allow you to talk for longer on a specific topic and I know individuals who prefer panel based interviews because of this. But for me it’s MMI all the way. 

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