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Applying for

Dental School

Table of Entry Requirements

Contextual- a state school or college ranked in the bottom 40 per cent in any of the following categories:  average score per A-level entry, average score per A-level entrant, percentage of students applying to higher education.


A few things that I noticed after doing research and going on each universities website to look at individual criteria was that the majority of universities now require UKCAT and that grades are now given out mainly on three grades, as a pose to including an AS-Level as was true in the past. This is due to the A-Level Reform that has led to exams being done at the end of two years. Another difference that I noted was a dental school has used the BMAT, Biomedical Admissions Test, this year. This may well follow the same trend as the UKCAT did with slow introduction however ultimately all schools adopting it in the end. There also seems to be changes in admittance with some schools excepting less and others more.

Even though all schools haven’t given out information on ratio of applications to places, common sense would dictate that universities in London and other major cities with good student life would naturally have more applications and are as a result more competitive. 

I think it’s also important to note, particularly for those that are going to be taking the new GCSE course how universities link these with a GCSE A being equivalent to a 7.