Average UKCAT test scores in the different sections

What is the Pearson Vue Percentile Chart?

By this universities mean that they are ranking applicants according to their scores, the higher the decile the better your stance with the university.Below are three tables that demonstrating this.

​What does it mean when a school says it has no specific UKCAT cut-off?

This means that the school does not have a pre-determined score at which it uses to select applicants. Instead what these schools usually do is look at the cohort average for that year and select applicants according to this.



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The UKCAT, UK Clinical Aptitude Test, now an integral part of every dental application. Since being introduced in 2006 the UKCAT has been used by universities as an important tool to differentiate between candidates and to help gain insight into a candidates cognitive abilities. So even if you may not be a fan of its use, it’s an important topic to cover. 



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Medify - This is the only paid one that I do really think is a valuable tool. However the free questions are also very good. For additional questions used old KS3/KS2 past papers.