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Final Bit of Advice....


University Tips

  1. You will receive a welcome pack in the post explaining things the university will require you to do such as blood tests and DBS checks. Make sure to get these done ASAP as you don’t want the stress later on.
  2. Don’t buy your books straight away, this is a mistake I made. When you arrive you will be recommended books for each topic you will be studying, go to the library and see what book suits you best and then purchase accordingly. I would still recommend buying the books rather than just borrowing from the library, this allows you to highlight your work and the last thing you want is one week before exam time all the books to be borrowed out.
  3. Don’t be shy, aside from standard lectures, most of your learning will be based around questions made in EBL/PBL sessions. For these you will be in small groups and will be answering questions that you made around a patient case. As you’re only in groups of 6-8, not talking is quickly picked up by the supervisor. So get involved and don’t be afraid to get something wrong, it’s part of learning.
  4. Don’t miss lectures, chances are after the first two weeks numbers are going to be dropping of people in lectures. This really does come back to bite you when you have portfolio reflections and your tutor can see you have been missing lessons with no valid reason. Plus it will help you to be better prepared for the exams.
  5. Most importantly have fun and if you found this site useful recommend it to a friend :)

Well done, all that hard work had paid off and now it’s time to pack your bags and go to university, here’s a few final pieces of advice I thought might be helpful :)